Wuhan Outbreak – Phase 1 PPE/Masks Distribution Donation – Late 2019

Silicon Valley Cyber Lions Club started its mask donation program early at the beginning of the pandemic when COVID
-19 hit Wuhan, and China first at the end of 2019. This initial Phase 1 PPE/Mask Donation Program was motivated with
PIP Tam’s suggestion. With the support of Legacy Through Giving Foundation, and our members, both Regular and
Associate Members and friends, enough funding was donated to acquire over 8000 masks and other 4000 PPEs/gloves.
This shipment was picked up by PIP Tam’s 2 Lion sons from PDG Macy’s America Printing Office and shipped via their
Air Cargo company to Lions of China in Beijing.

U.S. COVIC-19 Pandemic – Phase 2 Global Fundraiser For PPE/Mask Donation for Front Line Heroes

We never expected the Pandemic would come to U.S. Unfortunately, the pandemic then migrated to the U.S. at the
beginning of 2020it did and our PPE Project continued and expanded quickly. SVCLC and LTG Foundation launched the
Phase 2 Global PPE Fundraiser and Mask Donation/Distribution Program to support the Front-Line Heroes and
community service organizations. The program took off with supports from Lions of SVCLC, MD4-C4, through the
World, as far as our Members and friends in Guangdong and in Mongolia; and again, by both Regular and Associated
Members locally and around the world as it expanded with financial donations from Legacy Through Giving Foundation
and a $5000 Matching Grant approval from California Lions Foundation.

The California Lions Foundation Matching Grant Boost

Thanks to their support and the wisdom of the SVCLC BODs, the initial grant of $1500 grant was dropped in favor of a
$5000 Matching Grant. We must thank the CLF Board for their vision and realization of the ROI on this grant
“investment”. With the support from Legacy Through Giving Foundation, SVCLC was able to apply for the $5000
Matching Grant instead of the $1500. We like to thank the CLF BODs for being flexible and reconsider our application
for this grant for a higher dollar amount so we can serve many of our supporting organizations. It came in handy and
kept our program going as all of you know the trouble we had with the availability and cost of masks from early on.

The SVCLC Advantage

We are proud that our Club has connections locally and also with Lions who own factories that produces masks.
Majority of our disposable masks are from a factory own by a Lions who is very generous and gave us discounts and
payment options. It is always a problem to get money in and out of China! We were able to acquire, and sometimes
“bid” and reserved these masks and shipments so we can get various types of masks at very reasonable cost. Our
disposable masks’ prices went from a couple of dollars to $1 to $0.50 to $0.15. Our latest masks cost about $7 dollars
per box of 50 masks through an Associate Member who match our last purchase.

One good turn deserves another!

Our Lions from China in turn sent us many more masks once knowing that America is in trouble. We are very
appreciative of our Associate Members from our “sister” club – Guangdong Yueqi Lions Club for donating 18,000 masks
to support our Program. LTG paid for the shipping which got more expensive as time went on. In addition, the Beijin
Lions also supported our Program and sent us 17,000 masks. This is what Lions are all about especially our Associate
Members, supporting each other’s projects and programs. We still have a joint project to drill deep water wells to
provide clean water to the Aeta Tribe Villages in the hills, as soon we can travel. I had the opportunity to help them to
get a $60,000 LCI Matching Grant. Allow me to do a bit or project recruiting. Please join us on this project or others in
Mongolia – Mobile Clinic and Prosthetic Hands for Children with 3D Printers, or our Club’s Peace Poster Desk Top
Calendars, called “Calendar of Peace” and Wine Label Program called “A Taste of Peace)”. Not only we do believe in
diversity and International cultural projects, we actually actively promote the importance of both Affiliate and Associate
Members around the world. It will help to create interesting projects for others to join us and serve with more passion
and motivation.

Mask Distribution

  • N.Y. Elmhurst Medical Center Hospital – One of the First Donation & Distribution
  • S.F. Project Homeless Connect
  • Santa Clara Asian America For Community Involvement
  • S.J. Sacred Hearts Community Service Center
  • St. Anthony’s Dining Room
  • St. Mary’s
  • S.F. Self Help For The Elderly
  • So. San Francisco Police
  • S.F. Police – Chinatown
  • S.F. Firefighter – Chinatown
  • Tustin Area Senior Center – AARP Tax Aid
  • S.F. Rose Pak Community Fund Center
  • San Mateo Health Community Hospital
  • Alameda Health Community Center
  • So. San Francisco Police Department
  • Wu Yee Children Service Centers
  • The Pilgrim Place in Claremont, So. CA.
  • Daly City Food Pantry
  • S.F. Charity Without Borders
  • Oakland Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church
  • Positive Step Girls – 100 Black Women
  • African American Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Telecare San Mateo Transitions For Veterans
  • S.F. Chinese General Hospital,
  • S.F. North East Medical Center
  • S.F. Numerous Government Housing Projects – Food Service partners
  • S.F. Chinatown Community Development Center
  • So. S.F. Kaiser Food DriveAway


Funding for the program was provided by the Legacy Through Giving Foundation (LTG) and a matching grant with the California Lions Foundation (CLF). Details on the grant can be found in the final report below.