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Serving those who have served their country


We encourage joint projects with any club, entity or individual.

2022: First bikes arrive

Our target is to donate 100 new Bikes, Helmets, Locks and front and rear LED lights during FY 2022-2023.

2021: Plans start for donation

An estimated 100+ new bicycles and helmets will be donated including shipping costs from China, by an anonymous U.S. donor for distribution when they will be purchased and shipped within next month.  Please contact me at if you have a need for bicycles for your Bike4Vets Program.


December 2021

About 100 Veterans will be invited to have lunch at Grand Cafe on Grand Avenue in So. San Francisco with prizes, gifts or gift cards.  This is going to happen around middle of December.  Need your Club to help organize and to gather names.


2022: July 4th Week

There are plans to hold a limited showing (not renting the entire theater) during early July of this year.

2021: Pilot Project

We will pay for the rental ($200 max.) of a theater within United States for your Veterans to come see a first run movie.   Project deadline is 12/31/2021 or depletion on the first funding of $2000. Need your Club’s organizer to work with Theater Manager to select theater, time, and help to invite Veterans. 


2022: Update

1.  This program is still going on after our initial 359 thick blankets donated earlier.

2.  SVCLC has connected to and chosen to be the program partner in South Bay.  This organization has many families that will sew very nice blankets, quilts and clothing’s for the Encampment people in South Bay besides providing meals.  

3.  With the large amount of rolls of fibrics and auxillary clothing items we have given them from Lion Josephine’s original donation, they keep on making blankets and clothes for their Clients – their encampment people in the streets of Santa Clara.

4.  I was invited to attend one of their event to receive their recognition, but we were not able to attend.