Peace Poster Program for UN75

Press Release On International Peace Poster Program To Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations and Ceremony at United Nations Plaza in S.F.

Silicon Valley Cyber Lions Club Lions, MD4-C4 Lions, International Lions,

  1. It is with great pleasure that the SV Cyber Lions/Leos Club is sending you this Press Release to launch the Peace Poster Calendar & the Wine Program – “A Taste Of Peace” to support the International Peace Poster Contest and Exhibits.   
  2. For 32 years, the LCI Program has attached upwards of 600,000 youths annually to participate in this Contest.   So, stretching the number a bit, there are about 20 million participants who have demonstrated their talents.  
  3. SVCLC wants to appreciate their understanding of Peace through their artistic creativity by creating these two programs to allow Lions to raise funds to support the PP Contest and Exhibit Program as there is not enough funding and focus on this meaningful Children Program except the most populous country.

Please Plan to Join Us:
Event:  Press Conference and Briefing of Program Launch
Location:  United Nations Plaza. San Franciso
Date:  October 24th, Saturday Time: 12:30 pm.

For your participation, all participants will receive a mounted Peace Poster and 50 masks for your service, while quantities last.  RSVP refer.

Additional Activities:
Due to COVID-19 and transportation restrictions, SVCLC will be taking this opportunity to pass out the following items to these Leos and Lions Clubs.  Please be there to get these for your service:

  1. 1000 Masks and Socks for our sponsored and new Bair Island Cyber Lions Club.
  2. 1000 Masks and Socks for S.V. Cyber Leos Club.
  3. 1000 Marks for Leo District Governor Angela Li to the Leo District Service.
  4. 1000 masks for Project Homeless Connect of S.F.
  5. 1000 masks for St. Anthony Diner.
  6. Others?

Please submit your request for your Front Line Heroes and Community Service Groups asap.    
SVCLC likes to thanks Legacy Through Giving Foundation and its BODs for their generous support and recent mask donations.  
Be Safe, Be Kind, BE-A-LION

Action Item for you:

  1. Please do your duty as a Lions to share and publish within your club, District, and MD.  This is your program.
  2. Please order your calendars early as the shipping take over a month and then has to clear customs.   We can also print your Club name or business name but require 100 units.  
  3. Our wine program is from the 2nd oldest vineyard in Napa and is from a premium blend. 
  4. To make this successful, SVCLC BODs encourage you and your club to resale these for high prices or donations.  Proceed will have to benefit your Youth and Children Programs. 
  5. When time is here, support the SVCLC and your Clubs Peace Poster Exhibits.

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